Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Queen Lisa's Art World"
"The Circus Follies"

It's CIRCUS Time!!!!
Your Ringmaster for todays show is none other than
"Lisa Kettell"
Step right up!!! Come one, Come all...
Get your cotton candy and Qupie Dolls here.. Banners, popcorn and drinks!!
Ladies & Gentlemen, Kids of all ages!!
WELCOME to the World of Queen Lisa's Art!!
(this is a different Lisa)
In the center ring we have....
"The Circus Follies",
You will find more than you could imagine...
These CDs are so intense you can go places without leaving your home!!!
Wana go to the Circus in your PJs?
Play with Dolls all day,
or fly around the house like a little Fairy and chase your shadow!!!
Get the entire collection and you can say youve been on a whimsical world tour!!!
"Inside you will find":
1.Circus 2.Carnival 3.Clowns 4.Posters 5.Ephemera
6.Boardwalk and Amusement park 7.Side Show
8.Ringmasters 9.Costumes 10.Vaudeville and tons more!
The image on the cover is one I created and have made available for you to use on the cd. Its a digital collaged image of various pieces, colored in and ready
to grace your circus themed artworks.
Also on this cd is various magic and worlds fair images, posters, menus, programs, vintage illustration and more, all revolving around the circus!

This is the 18th cd in the new faerie zine series of images.

"Victorian Tea Time Diaries"

"Inside you will find"
1.Tea 2.Tea Time 3.Bakery, Sweet, Pastry 4.Vintage Recipe Pages 5.Victorian Ladies 6.Tea Time Dress and style 7.Fashion Plates 8.Trade Card Images 9.Victorian Costumes 10.Victoriana and lots more!
Also on this cd is various music, victorian trade cards, opera, a perfect compliment to all your vintage style artworks.

"Doll Collage Chronicles"

Inside you will find:
1. An assortment of vintage doll, children with dolls, doll illustration, china heads, collage images, cabinet cards, photo postcards which have been digitally repaired for perfect images. Some have further been altered with color for your altered art and other art projects.
2. Also contains a variety of doll and fairy music sheets.
3. I have also included a few collage sheets that measure standard 8.5 by 11 inches, in this cd, will include a doll collage sheet, butterfly wings, storybook and more!
4.Projects to make items with your doll and other images
5.A sheet of pre-maid doll tags and atc doll information backings!
6.Doll patterns 7.Vintage Doll Ephemera
8. An image from my collection which you can print and frame.
9. Stories, Articles, and Storybook Pages 10. backgrounds
11.How to Create a Doll Party 12.Doll Clothes 13.Blythe and other dolls
14. Primitive, and Vintage Chic.
This CD is a collage clip art/pattern/How to and Story all in one!

"Fairytale Follies"

Inside you will find:
1.Fairy, Fairy and more Fairy 2.Angels 3.Sea Fairies 4.Fairy Costumes 5.Fairy Illustrations 6.Fantasy dress plates and paper dolls 7.Fairytales with Fairies 8.Fairy postcards 9.Fairy Photographs 10.Stories 11.Fairy Music Sheets 12.Fairy Opera'sand lots more!
A variety of vintage images, photographs, ephemera, music sheets and more await you on this CD

"Vintage Storybook & Ephemera"

Inside you will find:
1.Vintage storybook and fairytale illustrations 2.Old book covers and plates
3.Vintage children magazine covers 4.Vintage children advertising and labels.
5.Fantasy music and opera sheets. 6.Vintage ephemera
7.Paper dolls 8.Childrens scenes and images
and so much more.
More to see from this artist...... ebay " moonfaires"

Shipping is very reasonable...on most its only $1.95

altered art collage marie antoinette photo cd EFFA vintage print Ephemera cd collection party theater ZNE US $20.00

altered art collage travel archaeology photo cd EFFA
vintage print Ephemera cd collection egypt theater ZNE
US $20.00

altered art collage Seaside Mermaid beach photo cd EFFA
vintage print Ephemera cd collection party theater ZNE
US $20.00

altered art collage Flapper Girl Twenties photo cd EFFA
vintage print Ephemera cd collection party theater ZNE
US $20.00

altered art collage sheet vintage image photo cd ZNE
Postcard print Ephemera cd collection fonts atc EFFA
US $24.99

Faerie Zine kettell fairy altered art book magic EFFA
fantasy carnival lolita gothic vintage vol.4 new format
US $19.99

Faerie Zine kettell fairy altered art book magic EFFA
fantasy ghost art magic gothic vintage vol.3 new format
US $19.99

Faerie Zine kettell fairy altered art book magic EFFA
fantasy circus fairytale pixie vintage vol.2 new format
US $21.

The Images have been saved in a high resolution jpeg format, perfect for shrinking or enlargening. All the images range from mid size to high size resolution, which are perfect sizes for digital art, atc's, altered art, invitations, scrapbooking, etc.

Please do not resell these images in a
collage sheet or collage image collection. However, you may use them in your art and art pieces. If selling a collage piece on ebay, etsy or your website, and you have used my images, mention where the collage image came from, I do. That goes a long way and helps to keep our art community strong and fun.